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Summer Holidays 2013: Bonny Hills, Gaia Retreat and Spa and Stanthorpe


Our Summer Holiday 2013 started at the beach at the Big 4 Holiday Park at Bonny Hills not far from Port Macquarie. We then headed to the Byron Bay hinterland to Gaia Retreat and Spa and then finished at Stanthorpe in country Queensland staying with friends.


The holiday starts with a warning. When packing, do not place the Stingose spray next to the vitamin B12 mouth spray. Whilst the Poisons Information line advised that a spray of Stingose into ones mouth was not going to require a hospital visit, aluminium sulphate does not taste particularly pleasant and also does not contain any vitamin B12, and B12 does not make the sting go. ¬†And so let our holiday commence…

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O Stickmas Tree O Christmas Tree

The Rationale for the Stick Tree

Today we put up our Christmas tree. This year we have opted for the rustic stick Christmas tree which we have trialled in conjunction with the plastic tree for the last few years. Now it has to perform solo.

I grew up with the freshly cut pine Christmas tree. George grew up with a plastic Christmas tree. The stick Christmas tree is something a little different. It was once alive. Now it is not (excluding any resident spiders and lichens). So the stick tree is now our Christmas centrepiece of choice.

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