O Stickmas Tree O Christmas Tree

The Rationale for the Stick Tree

Today we put up our Christmas tree. This year we have opted for the rustic stick Christmas tree which we have trialled in conjunction with the plastic tree for the last few years. Now it has to perform solo.

I grew up with the freshly cut pine Christmas tree. George grew up with a plastic Christmas tree. The stick Christmas tree is something a little different. It was once alive. Now it is not (excluding any resident spiders and lichens). So the stick tree is now our Christmas centrepiece of choice.

Stick Tree Construction

George is responsible for collecting and selecting the eucalyptus sticks from around our property. I am told that this isย a fine art involving consideration of height, flow and spatial dynamics. So allow up to 10 minutes for stick selection and wear sturdy boots and protective gloves.

Stick collection in progress

Stick collection in progress

Then comes the arrangement of the sticks into a suitable pot. Careful positioning of the sticks to achieve a finely balanced form is essential. I am required to hold sticks in place, whilst George fixes them in place with rocks. This task may take up to 7 minutes.

Stick Tree Decoration

I am responsible for the highly technical task of decoration. My approach is get them on without fussing. Fat owl adds gravitas at the base. Savaloy the sausage dog (Sav for short) is the eye candy. A flock of musical partridges delicately frame the whole shebang.

Savaloy the sausage dog

Savaloy the sausage dog

Job done.

And so happy festivities to everyone.

We hope that if you put up a Christmas tree this year or equivalent, that you enjoy your chosen methodology and outcomes.

Best regards,


Fat owl

Fat owl

The fully decorated Stick Tree

The fully decorated Stick Tree


4 responses

  1. A lovely job indeed! Quite a Christmassy look I’d say. My ‘childen’ (21 preps) constructed one a little similar in the classroom yesterday ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Looks great! Keep telling mum we need a new tree, its about 100 years old. Kelly ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I remember Christmas at Nan and Pop’s with the nice big pine tree! And I still think we have those little gum nut Christmas wreaths we made with you all those years ago! Love your stickmas tree.

  4. I am very excited about this blog and everything that will be written. Post lots of photos of your adventures please!

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