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DIY Pop Up Retreat @ Home (the Stay Spa Experience)

What is a DIY Pop Up Retreat?

Create some beauty

Create some beauty

In the spirit of our Gaia Retreat and Spa holiday we recently implemented a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Pop Up Retreat at Home, otherwise known as the Stay (stay at home for the day) Spa experience.

As there are many themes one can choose for a retreat – such as de-stress, detoxify, get fit, contemplation – we opted for a relaxation retreat with a wellness focus that would neatly fit into a single day and where quality caffeine, alcohol and movies was entirely OK because we were setting the program after all.

The Set-Up

For a smooth retreat day, some planning and preparation is recommended. We planned our menu for the day and prepared as much as possible the day before. We did any necessary house chores the day before. We created some beautiful spots around the home. We developed a program/structure for the day to support relaxation and wellness.

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