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Velo Vegans in Orange

The tandem came with us for a visit to Orange. The tandem loves the central west of NSW – quiet rural roads, grape vines, horses in paddocks, quality motels – visit Orange “…at the essence of the region you will find an environment exhibiting majestic landscapes, astonishing attractions, fabulous food and wine and a unique style and energy”.

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Valentines Day Songs from the Heart

We do not celebrate Valentines Day (much). We comment on the fact that it is Valentines Day and that we are choosing not to participate in any way. We take a stand and make a point that we do not need to be told to appreciate each other or to buy each other gifts. Shouldn’t we be doing that every day we say.

However, we did play each other a “love song” from each of our music collections.

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Our Music Reviews 2013

We enjoy music. We both proudly maintain very separate music collections.

We belong to a (small and selective) music review club and each year, we do a review of the albums we have purchased based on set criteria.

So without further ado please find our Music Reviews for 2013.

Betty-Rose’s Music Review 2013

George’s Music Review 2013

A Campervan Goes to Mudgee

After our recent campervan visit to Mudgee, we take a moment to reflect on the vanning experience that has now become known as the Spirit of the Van.

Do you have any caravanning or campervanning memories from your youth?

Betty-Rose: I remember a man living in a very nice caravan in the neighbours carport. I never quite understood why the caravan did not go anywhere. I used to think it would be quite good to live in a caravan, especially if it was the Barbie campervan which set the standard for luxury good times. The only other time I have done any vanning was our 2005 Tasmanian campervan road trip with the kids. We had to squash them into the top sleeping compartment. We had fun.

George: We used to own a van in England. It was called a Commer Caravanette.  Orange in colour I think.  Early ’70s.  I mainly recall  the ability to flip the back rests of the back seats to the opposite side, so that they faced the table, playing games driving along.  Certainly don’t  remember any seat belts.  Fun in the back but I am guessing driving it would have been interesting as the two front wheels were closer together than the back wheels.   Interesting design option.

Oh my, the caravanette

Oh my, the caravanette (not our actual van but similar)
Photo sourced from:

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Crafternoon Creations

I like to make things. Some of these things have no real use at all. But they make me smile.

This rose latch-hook rug was an epic project which basically means it took forever and was very tricky to finish off the curvy edges. I started this back in July 2011 when my vision was still rather shoddy (from the MS optic neuritis) as the canvas was nice and big and with only a few colours to negotiate. And I love roses. George is rugless and wanted this rug on his side of the bed. It is however positioned in a low-traffic area in front of my cupboard. After I finished this rug, I felt like I could achieve (almost) anything.

The painful process of binding the edges

The painful process of binding the edges


Finally finished

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