Crafternoon Creations

I like to make things. Some of these things have no real use at all. But they make me smile.

This rose latch-hook rug was an epic project which basically means it took forever and was very tricky to finish off the curvy edges. I started this back in July 2011 when my vision was still rather shoddy (from the MS optic neuritis) as the canvas was nice and big and with only a few colours to negotiate. And I love roses. George is rugless and wanted this rug on his side of the bed. It is however positioned in a low-traffic area in front of my cupboard. After I finished this rug, I felt like I could achieve (almost) anything.

The painful process of binding the edges

The painful process of binding the edges


Finally finished

And here are some other various crafting outputs of recent times.

Sav(aloy) the sausage dog

Sav(aloy) the sausage dog, a most reliable fun-time pooch

Felt foxie brooches

Felt foxie brooches

Flapperdoodle softie in progress

Flapperdoodle softie in progress


Embroidered foxie waiting to be stuffed


Flapperdoodle and embroidered foxie are new friends

Owl and cross-stitch lavender sachet

Embroidered owl softie and cross-stitch lavender sachet

Foxie and owl enjoy the garden

Foxie and owl enjoy the garden


A whole stash of friends (with a couple made by my Ma), resting cosily on a hungarian cushion from my one and only cousin in Hungary

Best regards, Betty-Rose and friends

Savaloy sausage dog and felt fox brooch kits came with Mollie Makes magazine.

DIY Owl and Fox embroidered softie kits were from kirikipress.

Flapperdoodle softie was from flapperdoodle.


2 responses

  1. Bobbie Moore | Reply

    So cute! Wish my Mollie Makes came with a kit…seemed to have disappeared…? Who do you think I should complain to Betty Rose?

  2. Mmmm, the missing Mollie Makes kits are a definite mystery. Perhaps it was the glue manufacturers fault? Maybe they were not firmly enough stuck to the front of the magazine and they fell off somewhere along the way to you? Perhaps they fell off somewhere in Little Hartley? A very probable scenario…

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