Velo Vegans in Orange

The tandem came with us for a visit to Orange. The tandem loves the central west of NSW – quiet rural roads, grape vines, horses in paddocks, quality motels – visit Orange “…at the essence of the region you will find an environment exhibiting majestic landscapes, astonishing attractions, fabulous food and wine and a unique style and energy”.

Borenore Caves

The local caves we have explored include Jenolan Caves, Abercrombie Caves and Wombeyan Caves (with Wellington Caves still on our to-do list). Borenore Caves are great. No rails, no boardwalks, no metal steps, no directional signage, no electric lighting. So we strapped on our head torches and enjoyed scrambling around the rocks and the exciting risk of twisting an ankle, being attacked by bats or meeting a snake.  Okay, none of that actually happened, but it was fun.

Keen explorer

A keen, but somewhat anxious explorer

Intrepid cave man locates possible way out

Cave man wears shorts and carries a torch

Orange Town Centre

After exploring the caves we headed back into town to check out the local scene.

A historic hall

A historic hall

Uncertainty about gents jewellery

Uncertainty about gents jewellery


Dinner at the local vegetarian restaurant – Sav(aloy) the sausage dog was scared

Guinness and dominoes at the irish pub

Guinness and dominoes at the irish pub

Tandem Ride

After a pleasant night at the Central Caleula Motor Lodge, we enjoyed an early vegan pre-breakfast of bananas and pineapple poppers and then boarded the tandem for a delightful 30km round trip through farmland, vineyards, pine forests and bushland. There was some climbing rewarded by some extended downhill madness. We realised we were doing this circuit the “easy” way when a number cyclists passed us heading in the opposite direction.

Classic motel

Classic motel signage

Note the horse in the background

Cannondale – handmade in the USA – and note the horse in the background looking impressed (or is that disinterest)


Homeward Bound

The atmospheric country drive home was the perfect end to another semi-grand Velo Vegan tour.

Some photos of the country drive back home…

Shack number 1

Shack number 1

Shack number 2

Shack number 2


At the historic mining site at Ophir – claim to fame = first “paying” goldfield in Australia

Ophir mining tunnel

Ophir mining tunnel minus a large gold nugget

Homeward bound on the gravel road

Homeward bound on the gravel road

May you too enjoy an occasional adventure on those mighty fine country roads that take you to odd places that are sometimes rather enjoyable.

Fond regards, Betty-Rose the Stoker

The Velo Vegan concept:

  • Velo = french for bicycle which were called velocipedes in the early days
  • Vegan = someone who refrains from consuming animal products including meat, eggs, dairy products and other animal-derived substances
  • Velo Vegans = Betty Rose and George when they eat vegan whilst on a bicycle trip

2 responses

  1. Just so you know, we are not supposed to go in caves. If god wanted us to go in caves we would have been born with some kind of headlamp attached. I am not surprised Betty-Rose appeared anxious. That kind of thing is just odd.

    On another note, Betty-Rose, your cycling outfit is beyond awesome. I think the horse is just jealous.

    1. I think you might be right Kel, the horse was probably quietly desirous of a cycling jersey.

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