The Vegetable Garden: Spring, Summer and Autumn 2013-2014

It has been a hot and dry season.  The water in the dam like my hopes for a bumper season, slowly evaporated. It was a promising start with some successful seed raising of colourful silverbeet, purple sprouting broccoli and heirloom tomatoes. I planted out the seedlings with great care however they never really got going. The tomatoes hung on and although the Autumn deluge has caused some major splitting, I have enjoyed tomatoes on toast.

Please read on for some more success stories…

I grew lettuce in pots and kept them well watered.


The lettuce was turned into salad.


I dug up a couple baskets of potatoes.


And I also dug up some good heads of garlic which dried nicely.


A basket of apples was salvaged after parrots had their fill and some were turned into apple crumble and this yummy vegan apple spice cake.


I can still harvest tomatoes.


And there is always some kale for potato and kale soup.


And although you can’t eat them, there is the odd rose or two!


And also big fat dahlias (which look good enough to eat!)


Enjoy the harvest!

Best regards, Betty-Rose


7 responses

  1. Great stuff Betty-Rose! This is just so lovely —I personally have never had the patience (nor the talent) for gardening. Oh, and those dahlias are sublime 🙂

    1. I feel lucky knowing that I can buy lovely fresh fruit and vegetables from the shop and do not have to rely on my own meagre growing efforts to survive. Two baskets of potatoes do not last very long!

      1. I guess that is true 🙂

  2. Eating your own potatoes is a sure sign of incredible wealth. Plus the apples!! I have just discovered I have a lime tree at this new place. Now that is excitement. I like the dahlias too.

    1. I am excited about your lime tree too! That zesty juice is so versatile. And although you cannot pay your taxes in potatoes, having a basket of potatoes in the storeroom does contribute to a feeling of wealth (even if only for a short time).

  3. Hi Betty-Rose, what a lovely garden! I wish I could have as much success as you do with your veggies. I tried growing potatoes a few years ago and they didn’t take off. I was a bit disappointed as we did everything right. I might try again next year. Isn’t it great to have some fruit trees. We have an apricot and peach tree. I make jam every year with our fruit. I love our homemade jam especially with homemade scones. Loved reading about your garden x

    1. Your jam efforts sound very delicious Simone, especially with the fruit from your very own fruit trees! George’s Dad turns our plums into a mighty fine jam. He also looks after the raspberry and blackberry patch, however unfortunately there was no fruit this year due to the scorching heat. Maybe next year…

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