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Five Favourite Furry Fictional Film Characters

favourite-animals-womblesI enjoy stories featuring animal characters and I grew up believing that animals could talk and even wear fancy outfits.  While George preferred the 1970s UK favourites of Wombles, Clangers, and Magic Roundabout characters, my television favourites were Flipper the dolphin, Skippy the kangaroo, Black Beauty the horse and Lassie the dog. They did not want to eat humans and instead formed very special relationships with their human counterparts, if only the humans would listen closely. I tried to listen very closely to our dog Pierre the poodle and our cat called Mittens. They were good company and occasionally they enjoyed dressing up in bonnets and cardigans, going for a walk in the pram or riding in the basket on the front of my bike. I am sure they would have loved to star in a film.

So here are five of my favourite furry fictional film characters (although some of them do not actually have fur). Whether the animals are real or puppets, plasticine or animated, they all tell compelling and entertaining stories on the big screen. Continue reading →

Velo Vegans in Crookwell

crookwell-wattle-and-daubAs I sit here in warm socks made in the fourth-generation owned and operated Lindner Sock Factory at Crookwell, I recall our little weekend away in that small hamlet.

These events occurred on 24 and 25 January 2014.

My recount of these events will be brief and factual with minimal fluff.

Let’s go then.

Where did we go?

We took the tandem to Crookwell. Crookwell is located high on the Great Dividing Range more than 900 metres above sea level. It is about one and half hours drive from Little Hartley in a south westerly direction. It is famous for potatoes and the Lindner Sock Factory.  Continue reading →

Ode to Autumn 2014


We are now in the midst of Autumn and it is rather beautiful. We enjoy four seasons where we live and Autumn is particularly good. As well as planting many native trees we have planted plenty of deciduous European trees and they are now glowing with rich colour. I invite you to view our Autumn photo gallery, whilst sipping a mellow red wine in front of a warm fire and reflecting on Autumnal themes  (oh, but don’t let your  pears baking in the oven over cook).

The verdant foliage of the trees
Will soon be scattered in the breeze,
Or huddled in some sheltered nook,
Or floated down the passing brook.

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