Ode to Autumn 2014


We are now in the midst of Autumn and it is rather beautiful. We enjoy four seasons where we live and Autumn is particularly good. As well as planting many native trees we have planted plenty of deciduous European trees and they are now glowing with rich colour. I invite you to view our Autumn photo gallery, whilst sipping a mellow red wine in front of a warm fire and reflecting on Autumnal themes  (oh, but don’t let your  pears baking in the oven over cook).

The verdant foliage of the trees
Will soon be scattered in the breeze,
Or huddled in some sheltered nook,
Or floated down the passing brook.

The leaves have changed their summer green
For autumn’s richer, golden sheen.
The sear, the yellow and the red,
The brown, the withered and the dead.
Thus nature’s beauties pass away,
And quickly hasten to decay.

[Extract from The Fall of the Leaf by S. Moore]

Best regards with rich red and warm golden tones, Betty-Rose

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4 responses

  1. Lovely photos of your place, in all its autumn glory!

    1. Thanks for your comment Stella! I wonder if Toowoomba has lots of Autumn colour at this time.

  2. Hi Betty-Rose! Such beautiful photos!! I just love autumn, cc 🙂 ps, I want your blue bicycle! Your header photo is gorgeous.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the Autumn photos oaktreelane! And thank you for your kind feedback on my bike header.

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