Velo Vegans in Crookwell

crookwell-wattle-and-daubAs I sit here in warm socks made in the fourth-generation owned and operated Lindner Sock Factory at Crookwell, I recall our little weekend away in that small hamlet.

These events occurred on 24 and 25 January 2014.

My recount of these events will be brief and factual with minimal fluff.

Let’s go then.

Where did we go?

We took the tandem to Crookwell. Crookwell is located high on the Great Dividing Range more than 900 metres above sea level. It is about one and half hours drive from Little Hartley in a south westerly direction. It is famous for potatoes and the Lindner Sock Factory. 

Please find following a photo diary of the Crookwell trip…

The Upland Pastures Motel offered classic motel comfort and convenience.


Here is the tandem stylishly positioned in front of our motel room.


George happily displays the glass that has been placed in a paper bag. We like the glasses in the paper bags. They remain dust-free until required for use. The hair dryer co-located with the television was also handy.


Finally we are on the tandem. Just before this section of the ride a kangaroo was bounding down the road in front of us for some distance (no registration or third-party insurance required).


We are up high at just over 900 metres.  We rode through sheep paddocks and flocks of cockatoos (sheep and cockatoos not pictured).


This is the “vegan” section of the ride. George eats a banana. Our Crookwell ride in more detail can be viewed here.


And to conclude our little trip we did some local sight seeing. Here is the historic Court House in Crookwell town centre.


This is the Lindner Sock Factory.We bought some pairs of socks.


This is George at the lavender farm at Laggan near Crookwell. This was an odd experience. We are still not sure if they were actually open or not. But Mrs Lavender loaned Alan a lovely garden hat and he swanned about just like Monty Don. Note – the dog does not belong to us.


And to close, here we are in front of a right little do’er-upperer and the alleged “oldest wattle and daub building” in Australia.


And that was our trip to Crookwell.

Ride safe and true, Betty-Rose


4 responses

  1. Bobbie Moore | Reply

    I like the look of Crookwell. And the dog. They are both cute. I initially thought from the first picture that was your accommodation!

    1. Unfortunately the oldest wattle and daub building in Australia did not offer glasses in paper bags or little sachets of International Roast coffee, so we opted for alternative accommodation.

  2. I too like the look of Crookwell and enjoyed seeing it through your adventure ride

    1. Thanks for your feedback jenjo22! Crookwell was a lovely little town with lovely scenery.

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