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A Winter’s Day: A Hot Beverage Part 2 (by George)

love-2-piccoloIn the previous post you got to find out about what Betty-Rose is loving at the moment.  I present for you the five things I am loving at the moment in the midst of Winter. I will be drinking a piccolo coffee and an IPA is gently coming off the fridge chill in readiness (see “beer” below) as I contemplate my winter’s day reflection.

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On A Winter’s Day: A Hot Beverage

love-rosehip-teaIt is chilly outside. It is five degrees at the moment. A rather icy wind is blowing. Why not join me in front of the fire with a hot beverage of your choice. You may fancy a piccolo coffee, a hot cocoa or a cup of rosehip tea from Germany brewed in my Polish teapot. Or maybe you are a straight up and down English Breakfast tea fan.

As I sit here with my cup of rosehip tea, in the midst of Winter, I am reflecting on five things I really love at the moment. Continue reading →

The Day My Mother Ate Her Rabbit

rabbit-matryoskaMy Mum read me lots of stories when I was a little poppet and also told me stories “from her head”. My Mum also has an amazing assortment of true stories. I thought I would share this one with you (with her permission) as it is one of my favourites.

This story is set in Hungary when my Mum was nine years old. Mum wrote it down and emailed it to me the other day. So here it is.



About that rabbit (as told by my Mum)

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