On A Winter’s Day: A Hot Beverage

love-rosehip-teaIt is chilly outside. It is five degrees at the moment. A rather icy wind is blowing. Why not join me in front of the fire with a hot beverage of your choice. You may fancy a piccolo coffee, a hot cocoa or a cup of rosehip tea from Germany brewed in my Polish teapot. Or maybe you are a straight up and down English Breakfast tea fan.

As I sit here with my cup of rosehip tea, in the midst of Winter, I am reflecting on five things I really love at the moment.

I am loving the artwork Meredith Gaston created for us

We recently commissioned a local Blue Mountains artist, Meredith Gaston, to paint a picture of myself and George on our tandem. The whole experience was such a pleasure. I love Meredith’s whimsical and joyous style. And I love the bun in my hair and my glamorous outfit. I love George’s stylish cycling sunglasses. I love having my vision to see the beauty everywhere. I am also loving Meredith’s book called 101 Moments of Joy and Inspiration filled with wonderful quotes and Meredith’s gorgeous illustrations.

George says: It’s a Cannondale tandem, handmade in the USA no less.  Awesome machine and a work of art in its own right.  When can I open the bottle of wine in the basket at the back of the bike?


I am loving soup

I am loving smooth vegetable soups that I find very warming and wholesome. The following soups are on high rotation in our household at the moment – carrot and ginger soup, potato and leek soup and roast pumpkin and pear soup.

George says: I love saying soup.  Soup.  Soup – soup – I love soup.


I am loving doonas and flannelette

Of recent years, I find myself drawn to the delights of quality manchester. Today, the super puffy Hungarian goose feather doona is installed on the bed enveloped by a soft flannelette doona cover. Flannelette (sometimes called brushed cotton) is my fabric of choice in Winter. I plan to make stripy yellow pyjama pants and pillowcases out of bright and bold flannelette.

George says: Wrap me up in flannelette now.  I’m lovin’ the electric blanket under flannelette.


I am loving reading

I find reading a worthy activity for mind and spirit and seem to get through a lot of books in Winter. I am loving All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. It is set in World War 2. A young girl called Marie-Laure, who is blind, is growing up in Paris with her father. A young boy called Werner, who is an orphan, is growing up in an industrial town in Germany in an orphanage called Children’s House. This story is told very simply, however the writer has the most graceful use of language. Every sentence is edged in gold. I am only a third of the way in and it is vying to be my 5 star read of 2014 (with Life After Life by Kate Atkinson equally exceptional).

George says: I just finished The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling. Would have been improved with the introduction of the versatile and surprising skills of Neville Longbottom. I am now reading Jackdaws by Ken Follet, another World War 2 epic set just before D Day focusing on the female secret agents who were set behind enemy lines and coordintated the French resistance. The main character is pretty sassy so I might head off to flannelette heaven and see what she is up to.


I am loving my parents latest creative endeavours

My Mum is knitting bears. Some of these are for Bear Cottage a very special place that’s dedicated to caring for children with life-limiting conditions and their families. The bears display such wonderful personalities. My Dad made me two quirky birdhouses which I have now painted in a French pink-grey colour called Antoinette using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. They will soon be installed on long poles in the garden. I have definitely inherited some of their creative talents.

George says: My Mum is a decent knitter and my Dad has recently discovered his talent for drawing. I too must have inherited some creative skills from them demonstrated by my beer bottle installation and my giant mown grass spiral.

love-knitted bears        love-bird-houses

If  you would like to share five things you are loving at the moment (or even just one) you are most welcome to ‘leave a reply’ in the box below.

Wintery regards accompanied by a hot cup of rosehip tea, Betty-Rose

Ps. A big thank you to Pip Lincolne, from Meet Me At Mikes, who inspired this post. I recently participated in an excellent blogging e-course with Pip accompanied by a lovely crew of blog students.

12 responses

  1. Lovely post and I am going to have to try your pumpkin and pear soup – what a delicious sounding combination. Your mum’s bears are gorgeous as are your dad’s bird houses. Definately lots of things to be happy about now !

    1. Thank you Ing and yes do try the pumpkin and pear soup (add a leek and a tomato too)!

  2. I love your favourite things. ESPECIALLY that artwork by Meredith Gaston! And the commentary from George. Made me grin.

    1. Thank you Naomi. Yes, George does rather try to steal the show! However if he puts up his five favourite things he is loving at the moment, he better watch out!

  3. What a lovely painting of you two. I have finished the Life after life audio book which I really enjoyed and am just about to start All the light we cannot see. Great weather for reading

    1. Enjoy your reading time jenjo22!

  4. Hi Betty-Rose, Great post! I love hopping into the bed when the sheets are nice and soft, yay for flannette sheets. Your parents are very creative. Gorgeous teddy bears and great bird houses! You must be very proud xx

    1. Thank you for your kind feedback Simone. A big double YAY for flannelette sheets!

  5. blondiebythesea | Reply

    That artwork by meredith Gaston is super cute. Ah George’s commentary crack me up. Flannelette sheets in winter are a must. Jo xx

    1. George says thank you for your feedback. Damn – he always steals the show!!

  6. Thanks for sharing this lovely post Betty-Rose. I am an absolute sucker for flannelette bedding as well. We keep it on for as long as we possibly can here but unfortunately winter is brief in these parts. And soup – we make the most of soup weather and do lots of experimenting. Love it!

    1. Enjoy your (brief) Winter Deb!

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