A Winter’s Day: A Hot Beverage Part 2 (by George)

love-2-piccoloIn the previous post you got to find out about what Betty-Rose is loving at the moment.  I present for you the five things I am loving at the moment in the midst of Winter. I will be drinking a piccolo coffee and an IPA is gently coming off the fridge chill in readiness (see “beer” below) as I contemplate my winter’s day reflection.

I am loving my Italian coffee machine in all its shining glory

It’s a Bezzera Magica, made in Rome.  The website espouses the values of the “Made in Italy” brand and proudly claims all components are assembled and checked in the one factory. I liked that.  Check it out, it’s worth a shot!

Betty-Rose says: This machine is a masterpiece of design. It can froth up almond milk as fast as you can get a (heaped) teaspoon of cocoa in the cup.


I am loving road cycling on my Specialized Roubaix bike

Has the hobby gone too far when you find yourself  “ensconced in lycra”. That’s what happens in winter, the volume of lycra increases and it’s good.  I scoff at the icy wind as it rushes past my ears, my tight bright yellow scull cap dulls the noise, cacooning  me in quiet comfort, protection and pleasure.  40km winds, 4 degrees and sleet – is that all you’ve got!  I’m writing this in front of the fire (with IPA) and feeling tough.

Betty-Rose says: How much man-lycra is too much? I am getting concerned…

love -2-sepcialized-roubaix

I am loving wood chores

Fire brings out our cave man (or woman) tendencies. Monday to Friday is paper, computers and people. Come the weekend the woodpile is a natural recovery.  Find the grain, split hardwood, stack. Wipe brow.  Repeat. Sometimes I recognise a piece of wood that was difficult to split as I chuck it on the fire. I grin as the cycle is complete.

Betty-Rose says: Precision-stacked wood brings joy to my heart.


I am loving tinned fruit

It’s chopped. It’s peeled. It’s covered in sweet syrup, it’s winter and in front of you is a peach. Come on, that’s lovely.

Betty-Rose says: I remember the naturopath saying that tinned food is dead food. However, I have read the book The Road by Cormac McCarthy and know that tinned fruit could well be the difference between life and oblivion in the post-apocalyptic future that may eventuate. (You have taken my tinned fruit piece into the apocalypse.  How good’s that?  George).


I am loving beer

A few of these items I am loving in Winter deserve a seasonal treatment. Beer especially. Each beer deserves its own season, glass shape and setting. I once developed the BOS (beer opportunity spectrum). This theory suggested that beer is best enjoyed when the setting and context is factored into the beer choice. For Winter, I like the brown ales, lots of roasted malt and full flavour. IPA (India Pale Ale) displays these qualities. There are many more. I do enjoy northern England for ales, but Australia is now excellent for small batch brews. I am just back from Tasmania where I did not have enough evenings to work my way through the Winter varieties alone. There are rules:  pour the whole bottle in glass in one go, producing a good head of an inch of froth, activating hops and releasing the malty aroma, and don’t drink too cold.

Betty-Rose says: And I believe it is preferable to have the World Cup on the television.


See you in Spring.



2 responses

  1. I like it, keep some brown for when I get back, Had a dunkel last night. Off to Amstersdam to day

  2. Ah Dunkel, the Classic Munich dark beer. You are heading to beer-topia!

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