A Picturesque Picnic

IMG_2735Rugging up and venturing out for a Winter picnic is rather good fun. We take a flask and a rustic sourdough sandwich and sometimes a home-baked (vegan) sweet treat. We are blessed to have many amazing picnic spots. Here are a few we visited this Winter.


Hargraves Lookout, Blackheath overlooking the Megalong Valley – breathtaking (and very windy too on the afternoon we were there).


My favourite all-time picnic spot ever – Kanangra Boyd National Park with endless views into wilderness and walls of sandstone escarpment.



Mount Hay, Leura with layer upon layer of hazy eucalyptus-clad escarpment.



A new discovery – the mini Japanese garden in Bathurst with the Macquarie river curling around in the distance.



There is still a bit of Winter left here in the Blue Mountains so feel free to wrap up in a scarf and beanie and go picnicking to your hearts content.

Happy Winter and fond regards, Betty-Rose



4 responses

  1. The Blue Mountains is such a beautiful part of the world – you are so lucky to have those views on your doorstep. Love the look of the biscuits too !

    1. Hi Ing – yes we feel very lucky to be able to live and work near such a spectacular national park and try not to take it for granted.

  2. I guess you check the weather in the area you`re going to visit? I bet the air is lovely & fresh there in the wilderness (so precious – I speak as a town-dweller).

    1. The air is very fresh indeed Jan and we do try and choose a sunny day.

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