Reflections on Frost

IMG_2753Although Winter is not quite over yet, and Jack Frost might still be around, I thought I would celebrate the frosty year we have had so far. I got close and personal with the frost this year despite chillblains and slipping about wearing little flatty shoes.

So here goes, the miracle that is frost…

Yours in chilliness, Betty-Rose











8 responses

  1. very nice photos need to be framed collectively, well done

    1. Yes I agree! Maybe they would be good to look at in summer – to help you feel a few degrees cooler? I don’t think we had very many frosts up this way this winter. Well, not that I saw anyway 🙂

      1. Thanks Stella. I could have sent some frost up your way if I had known of your frost shortage this Winter!

  2. Lovely photos, there has been a touch of autumn here, so frost won’t be far behind. Hope our winter will be as picturesque.

    1. Thank you Mary. A happy frosty Autumn to you.

  3. Great photos Betty-Rose. Hopefully those frosty mornings have finished. Spring is nearly here and so far here in Melbourne we have had some lovely sunny days. We were out in the garden today, expanding my veggie garden. I am looking forward to growing some more veggies x

    1. Thank you Simone. Glad to hear you are out in the garden and dreaming of vegetables.

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