The Great Little Hartley Snow Event of 2014

IMG_4027We rarely have snowfall where we live. So when it does snow we get very excited. If it does snow in these parts it tends to fall on either side of us in Mount Victoria and Oberon. So what an amazing surprise to see snow starting to fall in mid-October (Spring) right outside our door on Tuesday night. And it kept falling in big, fat and heavy snowflakes. We woke up to a Winter wonderland and started singing about chestnuts roasting on an open fire. The Spring garden, with flowering lavenders, iris and roses was heavily weighed down in a layer of snow and some tree branches were so heavy they snapped off. Please enjoy our photos of the great Little Hartley snowfall event of 2014.

Fond regards, Betty-Rose











8 responses

  1. well done very good, well captured

    1. Thanks for your kind feedback Bob!

  2. Lovely photos – feels like it should be Christmas! I didn’t notice any tinsel or baubles hanging around……….!

    1. Thanks Stella – alas Christmas in October just did not feel right.

  3. That’s beautiful. Looks like there’s a slushy in the birdbath.

    1. Thanks Mr Hooky – unfortunately the birds wanted a cola flavoured slushy so there was no interest!

  4. What a turn up! Here we have had sunny warm weather all through autumn. The world must be upside down.

    1. What a turn up indeed! We now have some standard Spring storms. Enjoy the last of that warm weather.

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