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Our Music Reviews 2014

once-coverWe enjoy music. We both proudly maintain very separate music collections.

We belong to a (small and selective) music review club and each year, we do a review of the albums we have purchased based on set criteria. Continue reading →

Classic Film Review: To Catch a Thief (1955)

to-catch-a-thief-2An Alfred Hitchcock film, with the screenplay by John Michael Hayes. Set in the French Riviera, John Robie (Cary Grant) gets to wear a red spotted neckerchief and a quality woollen pullover – oo la la. As a reformed burglar previously known as “The Cat”, he must catch an imitator or otherwise the police will decide “The Cat” is back in business. Continue reading →

Classic Film Review: Bedknobs and Broomsticks (1971)

Bedknobs-and-Broomsticks-screenshot-2You may know about my fondness for classic films. I have posted a couple of classic film reviews already. You may not know that if you put a song and dance in a classic film, I am equally fond of the outcome.

The world can seem a troubled and complex place. You may have a number of strategies to deal with difficult times. Among other strategies, I find watching a musical can help lift one’s spirit, especially the film Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Bedknobs and Broomsticks (1971)

Set in 1940 in England in the midst of the London blitz, Miss Eglantine Price (Angela Lansbury) has just about completed her correspondence course in witchcraft, Continue reading →

Five Favourite Furry Fictional Film Characters

favourite-animals-womblesI enjoy stories featuring animal characters and I grew up believing that animals could talk and even wear fancy outfits.  While George preferred the 1970s UK favourites of Wombles, Clangers, and Magic Roundabout characters, my television favourites were Flipper the dolphin, Skippy the kangaroo, Black Beauty the horse and Lassie the dog. They did not want to eat humans and instead formed very special relationships with their human counterparts, if only the humans would listen closely. I tried to listen very closely to our dog Pierre the poodle and our cat called Mittens. They were good company and occasionally they enjoyed dressing up in bonnets and cardigans, going for a walk in the pram or riding in the basket on the front of my bike. I am sure they would have loved to star in a film.

So here are five of my favourite furry fictional film characters (although some of them do not actually have fur). Whether the animals are real or puppets, plasticine or animated, they all tell compelling and entertaining stories on the big screen. Continue reading →

Classic Film Reivew: Kiss Me Deadly (1955)

classic-film-review-kiss-me-deadly-2This is a brilliantly sinister film noir based on a novel by Micky Spillane. It was described at the time as a “film designed to ruin young viewers“.  Although I am not young, I felt rather damaged at the end.

Ralph Meeker plays detective Mike Hammer (not quite your Detective Dirk Gently) who chances upon a mysterious and distressed female hitchhiker running down the road at night  clothed only in a trench coat. Continue reading →