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Central West Vantastic Tours – January 2015

vantastic-8Heading out west in George’s Dad’s campervan proved to be a perfect summer break. This was our second time in the campervan, and we took the tandem and our happy hearts (and Kurt the felt cat), and a ukulele.

The sun shone (except when it rained and the campervan awning almost collapsed, which required some skilful awning adjustments by George), the roads were quiet, and the sky stretched out ever so big and blue. Continue reading →

Moments in Melbourne

IMG_4445We enjoyed a short visit to Melbourne recently. We strolled the laneways, we caught trams, we went to a show, we went to St Kilda, we went to a craft brewery in Brunswick East, we went to Bennetts Lane Jazz Club.

Please find following a short photo journal of our moments in Melbourne.

Urban regards, Betty-Rose

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A Picturesque Picnic

IMG_2735Rugging up and venturing out for a Winter picnic is rather good fun. We take a flask and a rustic sourdough sandwich and sometimes a home-baked (vegan) sweet treat. We are blessed to have many amazing picnic spots. Here are a few we visited this Winter.

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Summer splash: swimming wrap-up 2014

Prelude – our early memories of swimming

Betty-Rose: I learnt to swim at Eva Bory’s Swim School in Emu Plains. Eva Bory (a Hungarian swimming champion) built the pool in 1973. I mastered all the strokes and from then on it was speedos, goggles and a swimming cap. Swimming for me was training sessions at 5am and racing on swim club nights with the Penrith RSL Swimming Club. It was all okay or maybe it was just the vast amounts of chlorine fumes that added to the enjoyment or the promise of a 20 cent bag of mixed lollies. I always dreaded the move to the outdoor pools at Penrith and Glenbrook in Spring. I was always cold. Sometimes I would cry. My lips would be blue. I am sure it made me a more resilient person. I still do not like cold water. However, I did have a lot of fun in the above-ground pool Dad would put up in the backyard in Summer. That mostly involved making crazy whirlpools and having pool pony races with siblings and neighbours. And my brother took us to swim at the weir and at Rocky Point on the Nepean River with lilos. That was fun.

George:  I never learnt to swim.  Not really.  If you were in trouble in the water I would give it a shot at rescuing you, but really,   Continue reading →

A Campervan Goes to Mudgee

After our recent campervan visit to Mudgee, we take a moment to reflect on the vanning experience that has now become known as the Spirit of the Van.

Do you have any caravanning or campervanning memories from your youth?

Betty-Rose: I remember a man living in a very nice caravan in the neighbours carport. I never quite understood why the caravan did not go anywhere. I used to think it would be quite good to live in a caravan, especially if it was the Barbie campervan which set the standard for luxury good times. The only other time I have done any vanning was our 2005 Tasmanian campervan road trip with the kids. We had to squash them into the top sleeping compartment. We had fun.

George: We used to own a van in England. It was called a Commer Caravanette.  Orange in colour I think.  Early ’70s.  I mainly recall  the ability to flip the back rests of the back seats to the opposite side, so that they faced the table, playing games driving along.  Certainly don’t  remember any seat belts.  Fun in the back but I am guessing driving it would have been interesting as the two front wheels were closer together than the back wheels.   Interesting design option.

Oh my, the caravanette

Oh my, the caravanette (not our actual van but similar)
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