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Central West Vantastic Tours – January 2015

vantastic-8Heading out west in George’s Dad’s campervan proved to be a perfect summer break. This was our second time in the campervan, and we took the tandem and our happy hearts (and Kurt the felt cat), and a ukulele.

The sun shone (except when it rained and the campervan awning almost collapsed, which required some skilful awning adjustments by George), the roads were quiet, and the sky stretched out ever so big and blue. Continue reading →

Velo Vegans in Crookwell

crookwell-wattle-and-daubAs I sit here in warm socks made in the fourth-generation owned and operated Lindner Sock Factory at Crookwell, I recall our little weekend away in that small hamlet.

These events occurred on 24 and 25 January 2014.

My recount of these events will be brief and factual with minimal fluff.

Let’s go then.

Where did we go?

We took the tandem to Crookwell. Crookwell is located high on the Great Dividing Range more than 900 metres above sea level. It is about one and half hours drive from Little Hartley in a south westerly direction. It is famous for potatoes and the Lindner Sock Factory.  Continue reading →

Velo Vegans in Orange

The tandem came with us for a visit to Orange. The tandem loves the central west of NSW – quiet rural roads, grape vines, horses in paddocks, quality motels – visit Orange “…at the essence of the region you will find an environment exhibiting majestic landscapes, astonishing attractions, fabulous food and wine and a unique style and energy”.

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Velo Vegans in Edith

  • Velo = french for bicycle which were called velocipedes in the early days
  • Vegan = someone who refrains from consuming animal products including meat, eggs, dairy products and other animal-derived substances
  • Velo Vegans = Betty Rose and George when they eat vegan whilst on a bicycle trip

EDITH SCHOOL HOUSE Just before Christmas, George and I slipped in a little over-nightner at Edith. We stayed in the Edith School House which is a restored school house from around 1864. The Edith School House is owned by a friend who kindly offered us a free night’s accommodation (and a free dinner too)! The School House even includes an original black board so that lessons need not be missed.

Edith Shool House

Edith Shool House

Edith is located approximately 56km from Little Hartley and is surrounded by radiata pine plantations and paddocks full of sheep and cattle. The Duckmaloi River meanders nearby and Jenolan Caves and Kanangra Boyd National Park are on the doorstep (not literally of course).

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