Blossom Time 2014

IMG_3176It’s beautiful blossom time in our garden in Little Hartley! And there are still the flowering cherries, peaches and a number of crabapples yet to pop open their fluffy pastel blossoms of delight and cheerfulness

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Reflections on Frost

IMG_2753Although Winter is not quite over yet, and Jack Frost might still be around, I thought I would celebrate the frosty year we have had so far. I got close and personal with the frost this year despite chillblains and slipping about wearing little flatty shoes.

So here goes, the miracle that is frost…

Yours in chilliness, Betty-Rose



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A Picturesque Picnic

IMG_2735Rugging up and venturing out for a Winter picnic is rather good fun. We take a flask and a rustic sourdough sandwich and sometimes a home-baked (vegan) sweet treat. We are blessed to have many amazing picnic spots. Here are a few we visited this Winter.

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Classic Film Review: Bedknobs and Broomsticks (1971)

Bedknobs-and-Broomsticks-screenshot-2You may know about my fondness for classic films. I have posted a couple of classic film reviews already. You may not know that if you put a song and dance in a classic film, I am equally fond of the outcome.

The world can seem a troubled and complex place. You may have a number of strategies to deal with difficult times. Among other strategies, I find watching a musical can help lift one’s spirit, especially the film Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Bedknobs and Broomsticks (1971)

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A Winter’s Day: A Hot Beverage Part 2 (by George)

love-2-piccoloIn the previous post you got to find out about what Betty-Rose is loving at the moment.  I present for you the five things I am loving at the moment in the midst of Winter. I will be drinking a piccolo coffee and an IPA is gently coming off the fridge chill in readiness (see “beer” below) as I contemplate my winter’s day reflection.

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